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Mochi SWF displays 'Download the latest Adobe Flash Player' error not revealed by SWF Revealer tool



Some versions of Mochi SWFs has a bug with determining the SWF version supported by the Flash Player version installed. They will refuse to run and display 'Download the latest Adobe Flash Player' error message.

It is crucial to be able to view the SWF content so that it can be 'revealed' by SWF Revealer tool (unless SWF Revealer has some special code for the exact situation).

Fortunately, these SWFs can be fixed by a 3rd party tool, or, an older version of active-x Flash plug-in can be temporarily installed (contrary to what it says in the error message SWF displays).

Background Information

SWF Revealer tool for ASV, like ASV, makes use of active-x Flash plug-in (the same plug-in used by MS Internet Explorer, hence also known as the IE plug-in) to play SWF content.

It is crucial to view the SWF content so that it can be 'revealed' by SWF Revealer tool. (For any reason, like a domain check, if SWF Revealer cannot play the SWF to the point that it extracts and loads the embedded/encrypted/hidden SWF content, it won't be able to 'reveal').


It was reported that some SWF files will not run (apparently in any player - stand alone or in browser) requiring the latest Flash Player version (even after latest plug-in is installed) and SWF Revealer cannot reveal embedded SWF(s).

Using ASV it was observed that in the document class named 'Preloader' with VERSION constant set at '3.2c', parse_vsn function is used for checking the SWF version using Capabilities.version.

The parse_vsn function was supposed to return the latest SWF version current Flash Player supports but it failed to do so for any FP version greater than 11.

The SWF was version 14 (requires FP 11.1 or above), but the current active-x FP plug-in installed was version 16; parse_vsn function failed and returned 0.

(Later we have also encountered another similar SWF, where the parse_vsn function supported FP 12 but failed for any higher version).


This issue is clearly a result of the bug with the Mochi code in the SWF and SWF Revealer normally cannot reveal when the SWF cannot be viewed.

Currently, as this problem seems not too frequent and has easy workarounds, we will not be updating SWF Revealer to handle this special case. The information publicly provided in this article should be sufficient help.


[1] You can check the FP version the parse_vsn function supports correctly and temporarily install a previous version of the Flash Player active-x plug-in. Archived Flash Player versions are available at

[2] If you have UAE (URL Action Editor), you can easily edit the return value of the function to an arbitrarily high value.

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