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Manual Installation for SWF Revealer Tool



Windows 8 64 bit (but not 32 bit version) is unable to support ASV using the embedded 7z DLL (unlike WIndows 7 or XP). For this reason ASV cannot automatically install any add-on tool. This article provides manual installing instructions for SWF Revealer tool.

You should only need these instructions if you are stuck with Windows 8 64 bit.

Background Information

Installer package of SWF Revealer tool for ASV makes use of LZMA compression, in 7z format. Normally installation is done by ASV using the embedded '7za.dll' when you double click on the .asvti file or drop the file on main ASV window.

Manitu Group does NOT recommend use of Microsoft Windows 8 for any computing purposes.


When tool installation is attempted, ASV displays a dialog informing '7za.dll' not found and user should contact support.

Windows 8 64 bit version, unlike Windows 8 32 bit version, or Windows 7 (64 and 32 bit versions) or Windows XP, is unable to support ASV using the embedded DLL and perform the installation of .asvti add-on tool files.


If you are stuck with Windows 8 64 bit version, you will need to manually install the tool. Because format of ASVTI file payload is compatible with 7-zip archiver, it is possible to extract files using the 7-zip archiver.

We consider this issue as a bug of Windows 8 64 bit or if this was intended, a result of inferior design of Windows 8 64 bit version. We have no plans to change the way ASV tools are handled and installed.

Manual installation is possible by following the steps below.

Step by Step Manual Installation Instructions

[0] Install and activate ASV.

[1] Locate the folder you have installed ASV.

Default location is C:\[User]\Manitu Group\ASV

[2] In that folder create a new folder named "tools" (if it does not already exist)

[3] In the "tools" folder, create a new folder named "SWFRevealer" (if it does not already exist)

[4] Copy the file "license.cache" from "ASV" folder to the "SWFRevealer" folder.

[5] Extract the files in the ""swfrevealer.asvti" file to "SWFRevealer" folder, overwriting files when necessary. For this step, you will need to open the asvti file using 7-zip file manager. You can rename the .asvti extension as .7z, then open the file using 7-zip file manager. (7-zip can be downloaded for free at ).

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