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ASV is the original, the first Flash Decompiler released in May 2000. That was before Flash 5 and AS1!

Manitu Group / buraks.com have been providing top quality commercial Flash decompiler software since 2000.

Our experience with the format goes back to 1998 and we released the first ever Flash/SWF decompiler Action Script Viewer on May 16th, 2000, still updated monthly (as of this writing, January 2018).

Action Script Viewer Twitter

First Flash/SWF decompiler, for Windows only, released in 2000, still improved daily, released monthly. Not the cheap option at 149 USD per license but people come to us eventually when all others fail them. Sorry no demo or trial (or docs), also does not run in a VM and requires activation on hardware. Has FLA conversion option via Flash MX 2004 - Flash CS6 JSAPI feature only. Supports deompiling AS1, AS2, AS3 and probably any obfuscation you can throw at it.

AS3 Sorcerer Twitter

AS3 decompiler for Windows. Shows you decompiled AS3 scripts fast, nothing more. Has functional trial so download and see for youself. At 28 USD per license, AS3 Sorcerer is affordable too.

URL Action Editor Twitter

For Windows only, UAE lets you edit URL releated action parameters, strings, linkage IDs, replace symbols, etc. in SWF files. First released in October 2000, though not as vividly as before (because UAEs main aim is/was advertising related professional use) still updated monthly with decompile engine fixes. (119 USD per license, requires activation on hardware)

This domain is for sale!

While we utilize FlashDecompiler.com domain as a landing page for our software and also host our help desk here, we are willing to sell it to the right person for the right price. Contact Burak KALAYCI Twitter, at domains at buraks dot com if you are interested.